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Calves nursing from heir moms in a barn.
Calves stay with their mothers and enjoy all the milk they need.

Our goal at Soma Gosala is to help restore the age-old, mutually sustaining and enriching relationship between human beings and cows everywhere in the world.
Mission Statement

Soma Gosala is a small organic dairy  founded on Vedic principles. Our cows live long, happy, cruelty-free lives producing health-promoting milk of the highest quality, replenishing the fields, and softly nourishing the environment with their presence.

Sponsor a cow and support this beautiful project. Every donation large or small is welcome and deeply appreciated.


  • Cows live out their natural
    life span.

  • Calves are allowed to stay with their mothers.

  • Cows enjoy organic feed and graze on pasture.

  • Cows are nourished, respected, and treated with kindness.

Shout out to Julia Preminger Photography for her beautiful photographs of our cows.

Priya book mockup-june-2018-300px.jpg

Through the Eyes of Priya

Cows grazing in field. Watch video on youtube.

A beautifully illustrated book that relates the heart warming story of a dairy cow. Learn More

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